Top 5 travel agencies for himachal Pradesh in Delhi

Often it is a hassle when you are planning a holiday or a vacation to choose a Travel agency /Travel company/tour operator. One that takes care of all your trip plans and provides required holiday packages or customize a package for your need.Himachal Pradesh in India is a popular destination for vacation planning. So if you are looking for a reliable travel company for Himachal Pradesh to plan your trip you have come to the right place.
The article will not only cover Top 5 trusted travel companies for Himachal Pradesh but will also talk about travel agencies in general.

What is an online travel agency?

A travel agency is a private or can be a government firm that deals with providing all the necessary travel-related services to all the fellow travelers to different destinations. Few services include offering different tour packages like Holiday tour package, honeymoon tour package,family tour package etc.It also helps in services like providing accommodation arrangements, booking tickets , organizing tours and activities based on the destination and providing information about the destination in general. These days most of the travel agencies have their websites and applications as well making them present in online medium .The user can login in to their website and track the information needed.

How does an online travel agency work?

Online Travel agency works like a travel marketplace aggregator wherein it assimilates all travel related services on a common platform in a user friendly interface.There are four constituents factors that are crucial for any travel agency/company.
1. Inventory: It is the accumulation of seats or reservations which the travel agency is going to display and sell on its platform.It comes from Hotels, Airlines or travel wholesalers.
2. Compliance:These are necessary accreditations or permissions from central travel regulators that can allow travel agencies to supply tickets,stays other services on behalf of the mainstream company.
3. Marketing:These are efforts required to attract or reach out to the customers for offering their services.Example: running campaigns, email marketing,running offers ,SEO etc.
4. Technolgy: There are two broad technologies that most travel agencies need, first a Booking engine and then a commission engine to handle the bookings via different client API integrations.The commission engine helps in setting up the price based on the demand and supply and also helps as an earning model for the agency.

Top 5 travel agencies /travel companies in Himachal Pradesh

1. Yolo India tours

Yolo tours

This is an agency with its HQ in Delhi .It specializes in private and small group tour with budget-friendly packages. It has around 13 years of experience in service and quite popular for Himachal. The agency offers various packages where they extend their services to families, groups, and honeymoon couples with utmost care and quality.

Contact: 075030 52588
Address: Millennium Business Centre, 34 Corner Market New, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi- 110017
Email : [email protected]
Things included in a 5Night &6Day package(Shimla &Kullu- Manali) for 2 adult and one kid(less than 12yr):Pick up at Delhi,car with driver,3star Hotel stay with food(Breakfast only) sightseeing at Manali Shimla
Avg cost:Rs 42-44K
*You can reduce Rs8k-Rs10K if starting from Shimla

2. Amazing tours India

Amazing tours
Yet another Delhi-based travel agency that not only people look out in Himachal but is popular throughout the country.They offer tour packages along popular destinations like DELHI – SHIMLA – MANALI – CHANDIGARH, DELHI – SHIMLA – MANALI – ROHTANG PASS – MANALI – CHAMUNDA – DHARAMSHALA – DALHOUSIE – CHANDIGARH and DELHI – AMRITSAR – DHARAMSHALA – PALAMPUR – PRAGPUR – SHIMLA – DELHI.

Contact: 91- 8266841185
Address: 272 Greater Kailash Part -1 New Delhi 110048, India
Email: [email protected]
Things included in a 5Night &6Day package(Simla & Manali) for 2 adult and one kid(less than 12yr):Pick up at Delhi,car with driver,3star Hotel stay with food(Breakfast&Dinner) sightseeing at Manali Shimla
Avg cost:Rs 40k-42K
*You can reduce Rs8k-Rs10K if starting from Shimla

3. Holidays At

This is a wonderful travel agency based out of Delhi with many special features.In Himachal, they cover popular tourist destinations like Shimla, Manali,Dharamshala,Kullu etc with different days and duration(average 4-5 nights).Their packages involve hotel,car,meals and sightseeing. Along with customized tour packages they also have packages for special sects like senior citizens,solo women with their specialized guides for all.Also they guarantee 100% refund incase of cancellation prior to trip before a certain period.One can certainly choose it for their travel planning to Himachal.They have tours for abroad destinations as well and payment acceptance via other currencies and PayPal too.

Contact: +91-9911788187
Address: 198, Carriappa Marg,Khirki Extn. Colony, Gate No. 2,Near Sainik Farms, New Delhi – 110062
Email: [email protected]
Things included in a 5Night &6Day package(Simla & Manali)for 2 adult and one kid(less than 12yr):Pick up at Delhi,or they also arrange travel by Volvo from Delhi car with driver,3star Hotel stay with food(Breakfast only) sightseeing at Manali Shimla
Avg cost:Rs 45K-50k
*You can reduce Rs8k if starting from Shimla

4. Himachal Holidays

This tour operator based out of Delhi is specific to Himachal Pradesh and Kasmir tour packages.Along with its regular tour packages the Adventure tour package stands out which includes activities like Trekking , camping,Jeep safaris and Paragliding .The average tour duration that they offer is 5 nights and 6 days which could also be customized as per demand.They have locally trained guides for all tour packages.

Contact: +91- 9891275505
Address: Choudhary Complex A-146, Metro Pillar No. 39, Vikas Marg, Shakarpur, New Delhi – 110092
Email: [email protected]
Things included in a 5Night &6Day package(Simla & Manali)for 2 adult and one kid(less than 12yr):Starting at Shimla, car with driver,3star Hotel stay with food(Breakfast only) sightseeing at Manali Shimla, Adventure activities cost excluded
Avg cost:Rs Rs32-Rs35

5.Pay less Tours india

This is another amazing travel agency popular for Himachal that specializes in package-based as well customized tour packages in major destinations in India and abroad as well.Their services includes tour packages like Shimla Manali Tours, Sri LankaTour Package, Spiritual Tours, Special Goa Package, Forts & Palaces Tour, Fairs & Festivals, Wildlife Sanctuary, Golden Sand Tours,Religious Tour Packages. The services are planned by our experienced professionals for Individual, Group Travelers, Government and Business Delegates

Contact: 91-8379812052
Address:319, Hari N 319, Hari Nagar Ashram, Near Mathura Road, New Delhi, India
Email:[email protected]

Is it smart to use a Travel agent?

Surely it would be smarter to use a Travel agent for the below reasons
1.One stop arrangement
It provides a one-stop arrangement for one if the individual is not able to invest time and research himself for all his travel related plannings.
2.Last-minute reservations and bookings
Many times the plan is made at the 11th hour and getting a booking and reservation at the last moment becomes difficult.Travel agents can help at such a time with their connection to help you with your bookings.
3.When you are unclear about a specific destination exclusive details you plan to visit
When one is unclear about the arrangements plans or where to start since the destination is not known .Hence travel agents can be crucial for arranging in such a scenario.
4.For special type of tours like corporate group or luxury travel
In case of customized tour for special group like corporate or luxury travel it is convenient to get the arrangements done by Travel agents.Also for a complex trip or large group trip it is a hassle-free alternative.
5.When looking for large discounts,tension-free economics or logistics for travel
Many times travel agents unlock hidden discounts and waive of based on the negotiation which can be greater than any online platform.

Why use a travel agent instead of booking online?

travel agency

Here we specify what could be reasons why online booking can sometimes be a bad experience
1.It’s a self-service platform where you need to use your wisdom to crack a deal
It’s a help your self system and a proper navigation or guidance is missing.So incase you end up choosing the wrong option it becomes difficult to revert and includes lot of effort.
2.They are hidden charges at times
At times there would be hidden charges in terms of maintenance or convenience and also additional taxes that are not clear from the initial estimate.This can end up making you pay more.
3.Not a travel specific service but a conglomeration of many services
Websites mostly these days are a common marketplace for more than one unrelated services (like with travel you could also see e-commerce )etc which can hamper the quality.This could also lead to customer dissatisfaction when a service failure occurs.
4.No flexibility in case of a change in travel plan
Incase of last-minute changes in plan it leads to loss of booking amount with very less flexibility to reorganize as per the changed requirement.
5.Automated customer support than personal support
This is the case with websites offering automated or chat support or bot support which makes it difficult to register and resolve the issue. Standard automated replies do not work in many queries especially which are unusual.
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Do you save money using a travel agent?

It depends on the kind of package you are choosing and on the group.Usually, a small group and regular package does not offer as much discount which is there incase of a larger group.Incase of a customized tour you can expect to get waived off as per your negotiation.But unlike the online discounts these are not rigid and can vary at times .This can lead you to grab larger discounts from the regular deals available on the internet.More important thing here being the hassle-free arrangement and huge flexibility that you get throughout your trip.

How do travel agents get paid?

1.Regular fees/charges
This is the main revenue stream in form of fixed charges that are there for the services that the agencies or the agents provide.This can act as a base income that they make.Many places it is fixed but at places it depends on the demand and season.
Travel Agents also earn a major chunk through commission-based model which would depend on the no. tours being organized.Also there are incentive programs based on the performace .The travel agency mostly works on commission from a different supplier like taxis,hotels,activities .
3.Advisory and consultation
They also earn from consultancy services on tour plans , recommendations and travel specific advices.
4.Complimentary services and premium listings
One more earning stream is by selling complementary services related to travel like travel insurance,travel kit for specific destinations etc.


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