Peora Uttrakhand:My accidental discovery of a hidden gem of Kumaon himalayas

It is 8 in the night and I am walking on a narrow road passing through a small settlement of houses.I need to purchase some eateries,hence I am looking for a shop.It’s a chilly winter evening and I could barely see people outside. Small clusters here and there surrounding a bonfire discussing in their local language.I was finally elated to see a shop towards the end of the road and before it could close I quickly rushed to buy my requirements.

Cloudy night with racing winds

Peora in Uttrakhand is a small village nestled in the Kumaon region of the Himalayas. It falls in the Nainital district and the closest notable towns are Mukteshwar(10Km) and Almora(23Km).

Sight of beautiful Nanda devi and Trishul ranges

I walk back to my abode which lies towards the starting of the road.My stay at Peora isn’t a planned one.On my way to Nainital which is about 60 odd kms from here, only some distance before the village my vehicle broke down.With the help of few local people around I managed to get it fixed but it was already dark by then.i could hear the clouds cracking and driving did not seem a good idea to me.Halting for the night would be the right thing to do, I was fortunate enough to find a place to settle by.

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Beautiful scenes in the morning
Pleasant greenery soothing to the eyes

The morning pleasantly is fresh and clear and I could only realize what a picturesque place this is in the morning.i was soaking my eyes with the misty clouds swirling the hills all over. Shivank who is the son of the house owner greeted me with a morning tea.’Its feeling so fresh here Shivank, are the mornings always so beautiful’.I asked him gently. Initially shy he opened up to me,’Dada our village is one the most beautiful in the whole Nainital district’ wearing a smile he proclaimed to me.’Dada You should definitely visit the hilltop just beside the village ,the ranges look beautiful from there’.

Somewhere towards the hill top

I could not agree more on the beauty that he claimed.I started imagining to myself what it would be to live in such a paradise like place on a daily basis. I wasn’t on a fixed plan and so I decided to explore a little ,hike to the hill top that Shivank was mentioning. I was served with freshly prepared aloo parathas for breakfast which infused a sense of homely contentment in me.

A dilapidated house grabbed my attention

As I walk towards the entrance of the hike ,I could see people busy with their chores.An elderly lady tying her two little goats and putting fresh grass for them to graze ,small children carrying small containers of milk fresh from buffaloes ready to be sent out to dairies. A small family putting efforts to renovate a small portion of their house expecting to make some extra income from occasional travelers like us.Everyone seem busy with their work but still they don’t miss greeting you with a smile.This is such a welcoming gesture, I doubt people in cities do this even meeting their acquaintances.

Roads like python from distant above
Markings to collect resin in the cone fixed in the trunk

It’s a heavy forest with a fine trail, a pack of pine trees stand tall .There is a fresh woody smell I could feel as the wind gently surpasses.As I walk I could notice some marks on the lower side of the trunks with some resin flowing over.Its a similar pattern that I notice among most trees.Only when I closely examined I realized that it is a way to collect some resin that these trees produced which is exported to make lubricants,adhesives etc.Its interesting to see how nature has its own ways to selflessly share it’s resources.

A beautiful scene
Sunrays filtering through the pine trees

The weather had started to clear out and I could see some initial rays filtering through the stack of pine trees standing in chorus. I see the trail branching to multiple routes and become unclear which one to take to reach the top.I fail to see any passerby who could clear my confusion.

Kisan lal’s house

There’s a stream of kitchen smoke I can see at a distance,it would be a good idea to ask them about the route.i reached out to see a man carefully laying out papad(a thin crisp snack)on a sheet laid out in the sun.I waited to let him finish and ask about the route to the hill top.’Oh sir, you have come the wrong way,but not to worry there’s a route from here also let me show you’ .He instantly left his job and came to explain me the route.’You look new in the village’,he asked me.I mentioned him that I stayed here overnight in one of the houses below on the road.’Oh, that’s nice sir, you are our guest too then, I am preparing tea for myself plese join us’.He politely requested me. I was aware of the generous hospitality the locals at the mountains keep, pleasantly I was witnessing the same. I couldn’t deny and joined him .There’s a open verandah with a old wooden cot where he offers me to sit.

His name is Kisan Lal he mentions while sipping his part of the tea. Preparing papad isn’t his usual business, he does some fruit farming like apples ,apricots,peaches etc.Unfortunately, the last produce hasn’t been well enough to meet his ends.’these days weather does not support us, unexpected snowfall has ruined all the harvest last year’.I could sense the distress in his voice. He has three daughters and the eldest one close to marriage age. He is working with his wife and children to make these papads and sell out in the local market to make some extra income so that he can arrange for her marriage.

Morning sun in bloom

I thanked him for the tea and bought some extra papad from him and carried on my way.I would like to revisit my thought of a paradise stay that people here would be having. Perhaps the complete picture isn’t that happy. I could only imagine numerous people like Kishan lal paying the price of Climate change unknowingly due to some profit making activities in the big cities harming the environment extensively.

Just sitting at a point watching the rays filter

The sun has been out in full bloom and I was on the top of the hill. Beautiful scenes of Nanda and Trishul ranges were just captivating.

Staring these ranges and  trying to soak in the view

I sat down there for bit staring these ranges and  tried to soak in as much as possible.It was time to head back after this refreshingly beautiful sight.i got up and dusted myself and started my way down to my room.

My wayback
Some variety of oranges the family had in the garden
The tree looked beautiful

Where to stay in Peora ,Uttrakhand?

It was time to check out and make my move. Interestingly the place where I stayed was called the British Homestay .I could not stop myself to ask Shivank about the story behind it.He told me it’s after his grandfather who was in the army then,the lack of melanin in his skin made him resemble a British soldier,Hence the family got popular with that name and hence the guesthouse name.A fun fact to end my stay with :-).  The family was kind enough to pack some fresh oranges variety fruit that they had in their garden for my travel.

Sometimes you are destined for unexpected events. And experiences that they impart are worth giving a thought to.My stay at Peora has been one like these.At one hand we are cruising with innovations and developments as a nation and yet at another we have rural villages like Peora where life is still slow,sustenance is still a subject in question. But people surprisingly have bigger hearts to welcome.

Accomodation Details
British Homestay
Contact Details:Shivank(8979441725)

Important Tour information for Peora,Uttrakhand

How to reach Peora,Uttrakhand?

Peora lies in the Nainital district of Uttrakhand and is around 60Km from it.Nainital is 310 Km from Delhi and closest railway station lies in Kathgodam.Peora is 10 Km from Mukteshwar and 23 Km from Almora.

Guesthouses at Peora:Peora Dak Bungalow

There are quite a few guesthouses at Peora amongst which Peora Dak Bungalow is worth a mention.Its a 100 years old British-era bungalow surrounded by beautiful pristine valleys with stunning views both for summer and winter.The house has been revamped by their hosts Shuba and Pradeep Gupta with utmost love and care.Thier gracious hospitality would surely leave you with a memorable experience.


Hope you found my story interesting and the information insightful. Do leave your comments below on how you found Peora Uttrakhand:My accidental discovery of a hidden gem of Kumaon Himalayas

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