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I share my travel experiences to mountains,valleys,offbeat places.Lots of practical travel tips and resources.Come and explore some less beaten paths with me…

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I travel to the mountains,curate stories,discover offbeat & experience homestays.I savour these in bits and pages,present to my readers..

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I like to travel in budget,seek local,offer practical tips.Adventure travel fascinates me and mountainss inspire me

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Often between my work and life i sneek to live up my travel desires.Take some journeys,pen down some experiences & spill out few stories.
My name is Utkarsh and I come from India(Lucknow)and have dream to travel to its remotest of location some day.

Wayback in school i always used to be excited for every small trip i used to make with my family.Since then the spirit and passion to explore have only seem to have grown. This website would be a collection of my personal travel experiences & stories,few practical travel tips and much more travel related information.

If you happen to pass by, do stop and check what you like , feel free to comment and share your side of story.


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